What Is School Phobia?

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School phobia develops exactly the same manner as an adult anxiety disorder. It is always troublesome for a child to be away from home after so long being at home, such as the school holidays or time off sick.

Factors such as moving to a new location, a divorce or a bereavement can cause a tremendous stress to a child and set off disturbed, anxious behavior that can escalate into school phobia.

Additionally the child’s family often unintentionally reinforces school phobia symptoms. When a familyexperience a big problem such asmoving house or abereavement it is common for a child to demonstrate mild refusal to forsake theprimary caretaker (who may also be anxious, distressed, depressed.)

This can heighten if the child is not firmly assured to leave the custodian; in fact, they are often inadvertentlycompensated with extra consideration from their parents. The child’s anxiety about leaving isstrengthened and the child doesn’t have thechance to build up ways to manage the separation.

Having school phobia at such ayoung age isfrightening, it is not onlyhorrifying but puzzling too. Thepsyche of a child is very superficial until this age and theabrupt awakening that life is not all about play and fun and in facttrulydepressing,difficult andfragile, comes as quite ashock to a child.

Children with school phobiauncover their mortality a varying ages but this realization too, can cause a child extensive distress if notmanaged accurately by parents or guardians.

School Phobia Elimination – is it possible?

School Phobia are symptoms of an anxiety disorder and NOT stand-alone disorders. Anxiety disorders occur when the ‘anxiety switch’, the Amygdala, in the brain, becomes stuck in the ON position as a result of repeated anxiety provoking situations or, less commonly, an one-off trauma which has caused the sufferer to experience high anxiety.

The Amygdala is the organ in the brain that regulates and stores the anxiety response and it is this which MUST be addressed in order to return the anxious reaction back down to normal in order to eliminate school phobias in your child. as a matter of fact any phobia, completely.

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What Is School Phobia?

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This article was published on 2010/10/25