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One of the most important parts of the school fundraising process is choosing your fundraiser. The fundraiser that your school chooses will impact how much money you are able to earn. There are many types of school fundraisers available. Let’s examine a few popular choices so that you can better determine what fundraising options are right for your school.

Candy Bar Fundraisers

Candy bar fundraisers are one of the easiest school fundraising options. In this type of fundraiser your school will purchase a large quantity of candy from your fundraising provider. This candy is then distributed to students to sell. Your students will sell their candy and treats and will return the money earned to the school. Since you pay for the candy before the fundraiser starts, your school will keep all of the money that they earn selling the treats.

This fundraiser is great for sports teams, after school groups and small organizations throughout your school. It is easy to assign each student a set amount of candy that they must sell. This fundraiser is easier than most since you don’t have to worry about order forms or product distribution.

One drawback to the candy bar fundraiser is the initial investment. Your school will have to pay for their candy up front and most companies don’t allow returns if you buy too much. This fundraiser does not work well for a school wide fundraiser since students are often one of the main purchasers of candy and if everyone is selling, there will be no one to buy.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Cookie dough fundraisers are always a popular school fundraising choice. In this fundraiser students will receive catalogs that outline several cookie dough flavors. They will use these catalogs and order forms to sell tubs of ready to bake dough to family and friends. Your school will collect the order forms and money and send them in so that they can receive cookie dough. The dough is then distributed to purchasers.

This fundraiser is always popular with buyers, so it can be a very profitable choice for your school. Cookie dough is fairly easy to sell, especially if you work with a reputable company. This is a great fundraising choice for a school wide fundraiser and many schools hold a yearly cookie dough fundraiser.

One downside to this fundraising choice is the difficulty involved in product distribution. Since cookie dough is a fresh product it must be kept cold. This means that you will need to quickly distribute the dough to parents so that they can take it to purchasers. This requires quite a bit of coordination.

Partnerships with Local Businesses

Another great fundraising option involves working with local businesses. Your school may be able to partner with a local restaurant in a profit sharing venture. Many businesses will dedicate a night to a school. On this night your school will send the business as many customers as possible. In exchange the business will offer a portion of sales to the school. This is an easy way to make money for your school while helping to support the local business community.

If you choose this fundraising option make sure that parents and students know to support the business. They may need to take a flier with them in order to be a part of the fundraiser. Talk with the business to find out what restrictions you need to understand before the fundraiser starts. Let parents and students know the date of the fundraiser well in advance so that they can write on their calendars and attend. The more people you send to the business, the more money your school can earn.

This fundraising choice has very few downsides if planned correctly. It requires no initial investment and no selling. Make sure that you follow up with the business after the event so that your school receives their share of the earnings that night.

There are many different school fundraising options available. The few that are discussed here are just three of many. Choose the best fundraising option for your school and start earning money for your students today.

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School Fundraising- Choosing Your Fundraiser

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School Fundraising- Choosing Your Fundraiser

This article was published on 2011/09/29