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What is the ideal children's clothing people for ever are asking? Well I know that children of all ages well below the age of college students so roughly below the age of 12 lets say? They love singing school rhymes, they can't stop singing these words. I know there catchy and I know that it's the first thing they ever learn at school is the old and traditional school rhymes. So why not just get these old rhymes printed for them?

What could you print these old school rhymes on you may be asking?

Well if in winter you could get it printed on jumpers and hooded tops so it not only keeps them very warm in the cold months part but they will enjoy wearing these at school. We all know getting children to dress up with proper clothes, quality warm clothes that is that it is very heard especially when it's the first thing in the morning when you or them really cant be bothered doing much like getting out of bed.

So if you bought a school rhyme printed hooded top then it would make them more comfortable wearing it and it would excite them without giving you the hassle of getting them to dress up, they'll choose to dress up.   

In the summer time you could have these school rhymes printed on t shirts, short sleeved tops so if you are ever going on holiday they can wear these type of clothing. Again wearing what they love will make your task of getting them to wear some clothes very easy so it really is a win-win situation.

What school rhymes are out there?

So maybe you're a bit old when they use to sing at school but these days even the school curriculum has been updated. The best school rhymes of all times is the "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars". This is an all time favourite because the children are usually singing this when they have a nap at the school.

The only downside of having the old school rhymes printed on your children's clothing is that they will be singing this everywhere they go and they will want you to join them in singing. So your car journeys could just get a bit more nosier at the back or the shopping trip to the local supermarket.

I firmly believe that you should buy children's clothing so that there is some kind of incentive for them to wear such as it being colourful, trendy and theme related. This all helps in giving your child the best childhood you can give them regardless of being rich or poor.

What is the clever part of printing on t shirts and hooded tops for your child is that you can do it yourselves from your home with probably the equipment you already have. All you need is a PC, a software called Paint, a printed and some transfers paper.

It really is quite easy all you do is print on this transfer paper, cut out the bits you don't require then apply it on the garment with the highest steam possible from your iron for about a good 5 minutes and you should then take the paper backing off and viola you have your very own rhyme printed t shirts or hooded tops that your child and even you can wear.

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Old School Rhymes For Your Children Printed

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This article was published on 2010/11/10