History and Development of the U.S School Bus

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When you take a careful research on the histoty and development of the U.S school bus, you will find that strictly speaking the school bus in the United States here has a very long history. Let me introduce to you simply. In fact, as early as the automobile was invented, in the United States, there was already special bus which was used to shuttle students. At that time, this school bus was the carriage. It is said that the first company which produced the school bus is the WayneWorks. In 1837, one carriage which could take 25 children was designed and manufactured to shuttle students. However, such school bus was manily used in rural areas rather than towns because the students in the rural areas always lived in scattered so that without school bus, it was not easy for children to go to school. On the other hands, the town or even city was too small so that children only need to walk a few blocks to go to school. Under such circumstance, school bus was not necessary. After about 1886 years, such carriage was named as the School cars or School trucks by people.

After the invention of the automobile, in 1914, WayneWorks put this specific carriages on the cars’ underpan so that the new style school bus which was powered by the motive power was invented at that time. However, there was still some different with the modern school bus. For example, the seats on the school bus at that time were not in rows and students didn’t sit on it face to face. On the contrary, there were too many small benches on the school bus and children sat round and round. There was a bus door at the back of bus and childeren got on or got off through back bus door, which was retained as an emergency access in today’s school bus design. Under normal circumstances, students get on or get off through the side bus door nowadays and there is a yellow stop sign to guarantee students’ security.

About the 1927, WayneWorks, along with the Blue Bird BodyCompany, another special school bus manufacturers, began to produce school bus which was made from the metal so that it was too solid. To some extent, this dynamical school bus probably had no essential difference with today's school buses. From that time, more and more manufacturers have followed the tendency to produce school bus. Among all of them, the school bus produced by the Ford Motor Company are very popular.

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History and Development of the U.S School Bus

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History and Development of the U.S School Bus

This article was published on 2012/03/02